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Mankita Method


Dear Colleague,


One of the most troubling things about these exams is how they put big dreams on hold. Social workers like you are so often in the trenches, trying to provide so much with so little. You deserve this. If your professional dreams are on hold because you haven’t passed, I want to be on your team.

There are plenty of resources for ASWB exam takers out there – but this one is literally designed just for you. I’ve learned that some of the well-intentioned advice that’s freely given on the internet just doesn’t work for re-takers. It breaks my heart to hear about some of the things you’ve tried – just because someone said it worked for them – I know many re-takers feel desperate and just don’t trust themselves anymore. This method is created to change that.

And I have to tell you this. Now that I can finally make it available to re-takers everywhere I’ve figured out how to do it for just about $20. per hour. (This amount of training previously cost $1500 or more for individual clients, so it’s a heck of a deal).

I already know you are persistent and resilient and you certainly deserve to have the tools you need to pass. I hope you’ll let me partner with you and help you get through this frustrating exam.


In Solidarity,


Proof that you are a great social worker. Failing an ASWB Exam has little to do with your skills as a social worker

We will give you what you need to finally figure out what you’ve been doing wrong – and it’s probably NOT what you think it is.

ASWB exams follow a set of rules – You will understand how they are written and learn strategies for dissecting them in ways that actually change everything.


Pay over
2 months
  • 2 payments of $189.50 billed monthly


Pay over
3 months
  • 3 payments of $128.33 billed monthly

Our next Cohort will start early in November 2023

If what you’ve been doing isn’t working, you are NOT alone. This 8 week, 16 hour course will change the way you understand your struggle and prepare you to use tools and skills that have helped hundreds of social workers to pass their ASWB Exams, (for some, even after failing multiple times.)

More questions before you sign up?